Black Slopes & Shipwrecks

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On the north east coast of Bali, Island of the Gods, are two small native fishing villages, Tulamben and Kubu. Lying within the coral triangle, they are at the heart of marine biodiversity on the planet, flushed with strong ocean currents, nutrient rich volcanic slopes explode with life. Lying in the shadow of the island's largest volcano, the black sand coastline drops off with enormous boulders and rubble scattered across the underwater landscape. Shipwrecks and spiritually inspired creations become artificial habitats. To dive quietly along these reefs, early in the morning or when the weather isn't favourable, allows one to experience a place marked by constance change. Mother nature gives and takes away in equal measure. No matter how dark the water appears at times, life adapts and thrives.

As the island's population grows so does the need for resources. The area is renowned for it's sea life but is experiencing overfishing, pollution and habitat loss as development expands. Fortunately, Tulamben provides a relative sanctuary, loved and well taken care of by the friendly local people. It is a place that commands great respect, where balance is deemed essential for both physical and spiritual prosperity. These otherworldly landscapes represent unique eco-systems that require our collective conservation.
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